Request a Status Code

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This was put here as a handy testing tool for apps that need to test how their code deals with various HTTP status codes, and as a very basic reference for those who know HTTP but need an occasional reminder of whether 302 or 301 is "permanent", or can't remember which code means "Not Modified".

For Testing Your Own Code...

Request a valid status code by putting the status code as the first part of the URL path. For example, requesting will return a 403 forbidden error, and the body of the response will contain the standard message describing that response.

If the app doesn't recognize the status code as being valid, or it's not supported by AppEngine (where this app is hosted), you'll get a 200 response.

If you build URLs up in a test or in your app code, and you need to make a code URL for this site the "base", that's fine, even if random stuff gets tagged on the end. Even if that stuff is not separated from the status code by a '/'.

Currently, this site doesn't do anything other than return the error. 401 doesn't issue a challenge, for example.

As a reference...

This site is also a handy reference. Not only is the list of supported codes and their accompanying short description messages in a table below (in case you *don't* know what you're looking for), but requesting a status code in a browser includes the description in the body of the response (in case you *do* know what you're looking for).

Code Description
101Switching Protocols
203Non-Authoritative Information
204No Content
205Reset Content
206Partial Content
300Multiple Choices
301Moved Permanently
302Moved Temporarily
303See Other
304Not Modified
305Use Proxy
307Temporary Redirect
400Bad Request
402Payment Required
404Not Found
405Method Not Allowed
406Not Acceptable
407Proxy Authentication Required
408Request Time-out
411Length Required
412Precondition Failed
413Request Entity Too Large
414Request-URI Too Large
415Unsupported Media Type
416Requested Range Not Satisfiable
417Expectation Failed
500Internal Server Error
501Not Implemented
502Bad Gateway
503Service Unavailable
504Gateway Time-out
505HTTP Version not supported